The official GMA youtube has playlists on youtube for the whole series, there are no English subtitles, but I hope you can practice learning your Tagalog like me XD. I`ll still add some of the dramas I`ve seen, but if you want to look for more, check out the link below:)!! This drama series stars Kapuso`s lead actress, Janine Gutierrez, who brings to life the character of Grace Evangelista, her most challenging role to date. The SBS drama “The Escape of Seven” has announced its official lead roles. The other episodes are on youtube, no playlist made yet!! Link >> Episode 1: The story revolves around the life of Grace Evangelista (Janine Gutierrez), a beautiful, hard-working, responsible law student who finally passes the board exam. pass hands down. In a horrific turn of events, she becomes a rape victim of an unknown assailant and has scarred her forever as hardship and trauma cause her to lose her sense of sight. Despite this, she pursued her passion for law and eventually became a blind lawyer. However, she accidentally crashes into a window, which permanently blinds her. In his prison cell, Grace`s father dies of cardiac arrest. Grace is devastated when she learns of her father`s sudden death. She falls into depression.

Want to know what are your favorite Myers Briggs test indicator results? Open to discover them!. Lauren Young is Charie Evangelista, Grace`s younger sister, who is deeply jealous of her. She is forced to drop out of school after her parents decide to invest their money in Grace`s law fees. Did you like “Train To Busan” and “Parasite”? Here are some of the best Korean movies to satisfy your appetite for entertainment. Netflix is releasing the highly anticipated trailer for the Alchemy of Souls sequel. Which Thai actors are very popular on MDL? Competition is fierce. Check if your favorite has made the list! Grace is a promising law student who wants to clear her father`s name. But the night she and her boyfriend Joel celebrate passing the bar exams, someone embroiders Grace`s drink. When Grace wakes up, she realizes she is being raped. She manages to free herself from her attacker.

Mikael Daez is Edward Villareal, the handsome, rich and principled man who will help Grace in her quest for justice and eventually fall in love with her. There are multi-talented artists. Season 2 of Alchemy of Souls got off to a strong start, surpassing the records of the first season. Check out reviews about Reborn. Marc Abaya is William Villareal, Edward`s older brother. He is a successful businessman, married and has a child on the way. However, his circle of friends is easily tempted. Will their unwavering faith guide them in their search for their author? More importantly, will Grace get the justice she deserves? Join me as I enjoy the vast selection of hoodies at Dramaland! Explore. Soon after, she meets Edward, a friendly lawyer who helps her investigate her abduction and rape.

He stays with her against all odds, and eventually they fall in love and get engaged. However, when Edward discovers the identity of the rapist, he discovers that it is his brother William. Torn between his love for his fiancée and his brother, which side will Edward take? tvN has confirmed the premiere of “Alchemy of Souls: Part 2”. Chanda Romero as Marissa Evangelista, the loving mother of Grace, Charie and Nina, who must rely on Grace to be the family`s breadwinner when her husband is imprisoned. Therese Malvar as Nina Evangelista, Grace`s younger sister and a caring and compassionate joypack who admires Grace and keeps her motivated in life. Lucho Ayala as John Castillo, Edward`s best friend and confidant, who is also his partner in the law firm. Ashley Rivera as Diana Perez, Grace`s cheerful lawyer and best friend. Camille Torres as Elizabeth Guevarra, Edward`s career-oriented ex-girlfriend. Sometimes it`s really hard to access Filipino TV shows if you don`t have the box for channels like GMA and ABSCBN!! Here is a list of GMA shows you 🙂 on YouTube Binge can!! Legal Bling on Adom TV.

On July 18, 2022, Adom Tv launches its latest captivating GMA Network series, Legally Blind. Its premise highlights real-life issues, especially women victims of rape, the effects of drug addiction, pressures and rivalries within a household, but most importantly, the unconditional love that keeps families together, and the undeniable resilience of Filipinos amid life`s challenges.