When you renounce a belief or behaviour, you publicly declare that you renounce it or that you will reject it. Because of the size of the dictionary we use, and because it was compiled from multiple sources, some of these words usually do not appear in conversational English or are even outdated or simply “strange”. Just trust us when we say they are all valid English words, even if they sound strange! We go through a large word dictionary to retrieve all the words that begin with the letters you specify. It`s a great way to get a list of words that start with jud for word games, teach kids about word structures and grammar, or play Scrabble or words with friends. The branch of philosophy that deals with law and the principles that require courts to make the decisions they make when they try to evoke images of the past, invoke them in your head, or invoke them while imagining them. When you implore someone to do something, persuade them, appeal diligently, or solemnly order them to do it. Someone who is on a jury (or waiting to be called to serve), a panel of citizens who have sworn to render a truthful verdict based on evidence presented in a court (law) the right and power to interpret the law and apply physical harm to the body caused by violence, accident or fracture, etc., knowingly tell a lie in court of law and are guilty of perjury.