From this date, in most situations, the same rules apply to all people, whether they are vaccinated against COVID or not. Andrews did not announce any changes to the rules for wearing masks indoors, but said he hoped masks would no longer be needed starting next week. Andrews also explained that almost all rules introduced in December and January to combat the Omicron wave will be dropped from Friday. The deputy prime minister said the state will “move away” from mandatory QR code checks, likely from Jan. 27, when mask rules will also be relaxed. – Government hopes to relax mask rules and recommendations for working from home, but has yet to make an official announcement As a mother of two young children, including a baby with incurable congenital heart disease, both too young to be vaccinated, the reintroduction of these rules will allow me to better protect my family from Covid-19. This is not only in our best interest, but in the interests of all New South Wales. Masks are being abandoned in New South Wales and nightclub revellers will be able to party on full dance floors this weekend as most Covid rules have been abolished. For those of us who have been vaccinated where medically possible, followed rules and restrictions, and endured lockdown, we cannot accept that such simple measures were abolished on the basis of a “promise” to do so BEFORE Omicron arrived in Australia and that it was clearly understood.

The prime minister announced that almost all rules introduced in December to combat the Omicron wave will be abolished from Friday and masks from February 25, with hotel workers having the choice of wearing a mask. “That`s exactly what we said,” Andrews told reporters Thursday. “We wouldn`t have rules longer than necessary.” In addition, strict new QR code rules have come into effect. From 1 January 2021, restaurants and hairdressers will have to use Service NSW`s QR code system. If you don`t, penalties include $5,000 fines on the spot, followed by a week`s closure and a one-month closure if problems persist. The rules do not apply outside of Greater Sydney, but everyone in New South Wales is encouraged to wear a mask and be COVID-free. Andrews said the booster vaccination rate for those over 15 was just 12.7 percent when density rules were introduced on Jan. 6, down from 52.2 percent today. Customers must have the NSW Service app installed on their mobile phone to record their visit.

Places of worship can be open to all. Read more: Entertainment decks stand outside the chop at Towradgi Beach Hotel Masks are no longer required in all indoor public spaces. Instead, people will only need it on public transport and planes, as well as in airports. “If you`re going to a high-risk environment, if you`re visiting an older person, if you`re going to go to one of these areas where you might think, `Now I`m going to go for a PCR test,` no, take these rapid antigen tests at home, and as we move into 2022, we think that will become the new normal. Singing and dancing allowed at all music festivals with a limit of 20,000 people Mr Andrews said he hoped Victorians would be back in the office next Friday and all public service employees would work at least three days a week. Watch NSW`s terrible COVID-19 prediction in the video player above The Prime Minister said that while health officials are not tracking people`s movements at the moment, “that doesn`t mean we won`t contact Trace in the future.” QR code check-ins in shops, schools, and places other than nightclubs and music festivals are no longer necessary. NSW residents have been asked to queue for a PCR test only if they have symptoms, are in close contact with a positive case, have been referred by NSW Health or have tested positive on a rapid test. New South Wales recorded 6324 new infections on Monday – a decrease of 70 from the previous day – out of more than 97,000 tests. COVID Safe Check-in is available to all businesses in New South Wales and is provided as part of the COVID Safe registration package. Read more: In the Life of a Santa Claus Shellharbour Surf Club “We`re all going to have Omicron, and if we all get Omicron, the best way to deal with that is if we have a full vaccination, including our booster.

Despite the record number — lower than the best-case scenario forecast by NSW Health earlier this month — Perrottet said his government was “obliged” to lift restrictions on elective surgeries in mid-February. Toole said the change would make a “big difference” to businesses affected by staff shortages and reduce demand for PCR testing sites. Epidemiologists say recordings could play a role in high-risk environments such as festivals. Jessica Hromas “QR codes have played an important role in this COVID pandemic, but I think we`re moving into the next phase,” Toole said. Marise Donnolley is a journalist and editor with over 20 years of media experience. That`s why we no longer need these settings around QR codes.