For those eligible for student legal aid, our student clerks can provide legal information and representation. Clerks also volunteer to provide on-site outreach services to several Calgary organizations, including the Calgary Dream Centre, CUPS Calgary and Alpha House. If you don`t meet the requirements of online legal aid, Calgary Legal Guidance (Hyperlink), a non-profit organization whose members are both lawyers and students, may be able to help. Calgary Legal Guidance`s mission is to bridge the gap between low-income and non-legal aid recipients. In order to obtain legal aid, a person must not be sentenced to imprisonment. Calgary Legal Guidance often intervenes when a person faces minor summary charges such as public mischief, theft and/or joint (non-domestic) bodily harm. Your legal helpline in Calgary is 403-234-9266; They also have a website that can be found under Your website can help you understand the legal proceedings in your particular case. We recommend you to visit it. Grande Prairie Legal Guidance Grande Prairie Legal Guidance provides free legal information and advice to low- and middle-income individuals who have a legal problem but are not eligible for legal aid. It can help with issues such as family law, landlord and tenant issues, employment, debt/contract, circulation/settlements, wills and estates, criminal law and civil law. GPLG does not provide representation in court.

If you are a member of the legal community or a lawyer on the list who contacts us about a certificate or invoice. If you come from a low-income household and can`t afford to pay for a lawyer, SLA may be able to help. We can provide legal representation and services in various areas. To find out if SLA can help you with your legal problem, please read Our Business Areas. Women`s Centre Legal Advice Clinic Volunteer lawyers offer free half-hour legal advice sessions to women. These meetings aim to provide a starting point for access to the legal system. Clinics deal with family matters, civil matters, immigration and other types of law, but not criminal law. All women are welcome; Appointment required. Legal aid is not free; You must agree to reimburse Legal Aid Alberta for its legal services if you can afford it.

When your file is closed, you will receive a bank statement and a monthly payment plan will be created based on your financial situation. You may be asked for collateral for any assets you have, such as a lien on a car or a mortgage on a house. Even if you owe money to Legal Aid Alberta and need legal counsel again, you can ask for additional help. The application for legal aid is free of charge. Lethbridge Legal Guidance Lethbridge Legal Guidance provides free legal aid, information and advocacy to people with financial difficulties who require legal advice and representation and are not eligible for legal aid. Pro bono lawyers provide legal information and advice on a variety of topics, including family, civil matters, labour law, criminal law and immigration law. Free clinics operate on Tuesday evenings. If you are facing a minor (summary) offense and meet the state`s income criteria, student legal clerks may be able to help you. Student Legal Assistance is a group overseen by the University of Calgary`s Faculty of Law. Law students who work with Student Legal Services in Edmonton or Student Legal Assistance in Calgary can act as court representatives or provide you with short-term legal advice. They are usually supervised by local criminal defense lawyers with a good reputation.

Its range of services consists of providing legal assistance to low-income accused who are not charged with offences for which the Crown is seeking a prison sentence. Student Legal Assistance in Calgary can be reached at 403-220-6637. Lawyer Referral Service The Lawyer Referral Service provides you with contact information for up to three lawyers who will review legal services that could help you. If you talk to any lawyer, the first half hour of the conversation is free.