The usual suspects are all unreasonably banned in this state without authorization. To obtain such approval, many rules apply, such as the implementation of a tracking device, the maintenance of insurance, the payment of fees (usually between $50 and $100) and the conduct of inspections. However, skunks are legal as long as they are bred in captivity. Skunkhaven recommends that you keep your receipt to prove that your skunk is not caught in the wild. It is illegal for anyone in Alabama to sell, offer for sale, import or possess any of the animals on this list. In the case of venomous reptiles, it is also illegal to release these animals into the wild. Some animals are prohibited in some circumstances, but others are not. Non-native raccoons can be kept as pets with proper veterinary examination certification and proof of legal ownership. Burmese pythons are illegal in many states due to their size (15-20 feet), but are not listed as illegal here (3.17/4/b/2/AA). In fact, Rhode Island law specifically allows most species of boas and pythons. Banned animals appear to be defined exclusively as primates, undomesticated cats, including hybrids and bears.

Rabies vector laws or bans on native animals can potentially restrict skunks, raccoons and foxes. However, exotic rodents should be legal according to these rules. And porcupines are classified as rodents. There are mixed reviews about how they are as pets. Some people really like them, others have nothing but pets. Maybe you`ve always wanted to own a monkey, or you`re wondering if it`s legal for your neighbor to have this puma in their garden. Fortunately for your curiosity, every state has exotic animal laws that allow, restrict, or prohibit the possession of certain animal species. The following article describes in detail some of these state laws. I can only confirm that it is illegal for a person to own cats, primates, crocodiles, alligators and wolves not housed in New Mexico (). The state may allow other animals in difficult conditions.

One source says deer are legal without permission. A small, popular species of millet is the Muntjak. There is no official list that sorts all countries by “authorized/unauthorized pet lemurs”. And the laws, exceptions, and additional terms are extensive and complicated. You can get an impression in the article Lemurs as pets – Allowed in Germany? Many are unaware that foxes from fur-bearing animals are considered domesticated; However, they are not as domesticated as Russian domesticated foxes were raised experimentally as pets. “Wild” foxes are not legal, but domesticated foxes in Michigan are legal as long as you get a health certificate. – Pets prohibited: it is illegal to own wild animals without a license (the law does not mention specific animals) Any unauthorized wildlife is excluded from the table in Oklahoma. Permits are available for $48. If you are found guilty of violating this law, you risk a fine of at least $100 and the revocation of your wild liquor licence if you have one. – Pets prohibited: Cheetah, monkey, monkey, gorilla, kangaroo, lemur Utah residents must obtain a registration certificate to own certain “controlled” species, while other animals are expressly prohibited.

If you are a reptile lover, know that it is legal to own a desert night lizard with a permit, but the Glen Canyon Chuckwalla (a relative of the iguana) is prohibited. FALSE. You can own a Bobcat in Tennessee. I know a reputable USDA breeder who can legally sell them. Some states have exceptions or require owners to obtain permits for certain animals, while a handful of states have no specific requirements for owning wild animals as pets. Many states are aware of the penalties for illegal possession of exotic animals, which can range from fees to criminal charges. All bears appear to be legal under Wyoming`s Exotic Animal Code, with the exception of grizzly bears and black bears. Mountain lions are also called legal, while other big cats do not. Answer: Yes. Peacocks are legal in all fifty states.

This is very unusual for a northeastern state, but raccoons and skunks, both important for rabies, are legal if purchased from a licensed breeder and you get a captive hunting license. I live in New Jersey and would love to have a Capuchin monkey. I need to know if it is illegal to have one. I live in Pitman New Jersey 08071 After an unstable man (not Federer, the man mentioned below) released several exotic animals, Ohio went from an extremely indulgent exotic animal state to a much more restrictive state. Federer, a man who owned a Bobcat, argued that his Bobcat was literally a house coat in Federer vs. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Department of Wildlife. A loophole is currently freeing bobcats from banning other felid species and lemurs are still legal in primates. – Pets prohibited: coyote, wolf, tiger, lion, non-native bear, great ape Until this year, South Carolina was one of the five states in the country with no restrictions on wildlife ownership.

On January 1, 2018, a new law made it illegal to possess non-native large cats, monkeys or bears. Wolves, coyotes, peccaries (some species related to pigs), bison, mountain goats, mountain sheep, bears, turkeys and fur carriers are also prohibited. Some Tennessee species are illegal to own, such as bats, skunks and owls.