Japanese cars are imported through Australia`s international seaports. It`s best to see which ports are closest to you and choose the one that makes the most financial sense. In addition, JDM cars are also in high demand by tuners who are enthusiasts who want to buy cheap JDMs so that they can then invest in improving the performance and aesthetics of the car. Whether you are a dealer who wants to import cars from Japan or an immigrant who wants to import your car, we will help you. We ship from multiple ports in Japan and deliver to multiple ports in Australia. If you`re just looking for a customs clearance service or a complete freight solution, look no further. The abbreviation JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market. In the simplest sense, these are car models designed according to Japanese automotive quality standards and intended only for sale within their borders. These cars were never intended for export to any country. You have to remember that the best JDM cars won`t stay cheap forever. For starters, there are fewer over time.

And second, other countries like the U.S. have relaxed their import rules a bit, which means more buyers are catching them. You may also be eligible to import cars from Japan if they were originally exported from Australia. If the vehicle in question has an Australian licence plate, you may be eligible to import under this option. Yes, Japanese domestic model (JDM) cars are legal in Australia. Best of all, Australia isn`t too far from Japan, making shipping much more affordable than if you were in the US or Europe. Now we have come to the fun part. Here are some of the cheapest JDM cars for sale in Australia.

A tourist can also request to temporarily import cars from Japan to Australia for a period of up to 12 months. You can import your car from Japan without having to pay any duties or taxes by requesting a notebook. A CDP carnet can be used to temporarily import cars from Japan to Australia from tourists and temporary residents. In addition, it also applies to the importation of motorcycles, motorhomes, caravans, sport utility vehicles and trailers. Our relationship with shipping companies, ports and export agents means we get some of the best prices to import cars from Japan to Australia. This means that we can pass on these savings to you. In addition, our specialist experience in importing JDM cars into Australia means that we can provide unbeatable service and value. JDM cars are still in high demand, especially because they are rare outside of Japan and are excellent cars overall.

Importing JDM is a challenge due to the strict import rules in Australia, but since many of these models are cheap, they continue to appeal to buyers. The short answer may be…? In truth, it depends on your situation, as you can only import cars from Japan to Australia under certain conditions. Imports of used cars are highly regulated in Australia. The kind of people who import cars from Japan to Australia are usually classic car enthusiasts, travelers, and immigrants. Buying and importing JDM cars offers many advantages. The Japanese domestic market is a large right-hand drive (RHD) market, similar to Australia. With a population of over 125 million, the Japanese domestic market offers Australians unique opportunities to import JDM cars. If your intention to import cars from Japan to Australia does not meet the standards, you can always apply for a discretionary permit. You can take the Australian Government Aptitude Test to find out which option to apply for. Nevertheless, to help you in your search, here are some cheap JDM cars that Australia has to offer: The JDM market is also a paradise for specialty and vintage cars. JDM`s coveted classics like the Nissan GT-R, Honda NSX and Toyota Supra are hard to find in Australia.

Those available are usually sold to the highest bidder, and scarcity tends to inflate prices considerably. By buying in Japan and contacting Peach Transitions to import JDM cars on your behalf, you can actually save money. Contact us now to learn more about the process and price of importing cars from Japan. The Japanese domestic market has a reputation for having high-quality used cars. First of all, it has to do with Japanese culture, as they tend to adhere to very high standards. It also means that they keep their cars in a very neat condition and maintain them regularly. Second, the older a vehicle gets, the more taxes you pay to keep it registered in Japan. This is related to the Shaken Act, a rigorous inspection that takes place every two years.

The cost usually encourages Japanese drivers to buy new cars instead of keeping their used cars for 4 or 5 years. This gives Australian buyers the opportunity to import JDM cars with low mileage and good condition. Peach Transitions has the experience and network to provide a complete service to anyone who wants to import cars from Japan to Australia. From picking up vehicles at your supplier to delivery in Australia. Because of this exclusivity, car enthusiasts outside of Japan greatly appreciate JDM cars and want them for various reasons. This “rarity” gives these cars “cool” points when spotted on local roads outside of Japan. We are pleased to inform you that there have been some changes in Australia`s Car Importation Act that benefit you. You can now import most of the most popular JDM models under Australia`s new 25-year-old car import law.

The pre-1989 system is replaced by the rolling 25-year rule. As of December 10, 2019, new import regulations apply to vehicles that are at least 25 years of age or older. This means that cars manufactured before and during 1995 can now be imported with a relatively simple and low-cost process. This now makes it possible to bring a wider variety of car makes and models to Australia without going through a painful and costly compliance process. Here is the selection of the most popular JDM cars that are now legal for the Australian market Nissan Skyline GT-R 33 (model BCN33) Nissan Skyline GT-R 32 (model BNR32) Nissan Skyline 32 and 33 models (turbo and non-turbo) Toyota Supra 80 model Mazda RX-7 FD3S model Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and many other popular 4WD models Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Cruiser Prado 70-80 models Toyota Surf Mitsubishi Pajero Nissan Safari Since the vehicles meet the new criteria of the Specialist and Enthusiastic Vehicle Programs (25 years or older), cars that were not previously eligible for importation are now eligible. You can use this free portal (registration is free) jp-auctions.com/ to see which cars are available at car auctions in Japan and what is their purchase price, if you want to use our auction service, you can get more information here www.japan-partner.com/read/auction-related-costs.html Now the import process will be simplified for cars 25 years or older. You can also check the cars that are called in 25 years readable status on our website (our stock cars): www.japan-partner.com/25-years-old-cars.html Some of the cheapest JDM cars are the Mitsubishi GTO, Honda Civic, Lexus SC300, Mazda Miata NB and Toyota Crown, but not for long.