In 2020, New Jersey became the first state in the country to ban flavored vapes, which studies say can make teens and young adults addicted to nicotine. According to a 2019 survey, 27.6 percent of New Jersey high school students have used e-steam products for at least one day in the past 30 days. The law prohibits the sale, offer for sale and distribution of flavoured vaping products, but it does not prohibit possession. “The city of Secaucus has been proactive in educating companies about the law regarding the ban on flavored vapes,” said Christine Aguilera, coordinator of secaucus` Ministry of Health. “We are doing everything in our power to help companies meet compliance. We recognize the dangers of nicotine addiction among our youth and actively promote measures that prevent youth from accessing these products. The Yale study supports them. It turned out that the first five states to legalize adult marijuana (Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California, and Alaska) had less than one case of vaping per 100,000 people. Conversely, the states with the highest case rates (Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Delaware and Indiana) did not allow adult use. Compliance checks continue to be carried out to prevent the sale of flavored vapes to young people, according to the city.

If someone sees flavored vaping products sold in a Secaucus store, they are asked to report it to the Secaucus Health Department at 201-330-2031. “We just produced a PSA video to let parents know that illegal sweet-tasting e-cigarette products appeal to teens,” said Dave Bratton, coordinator of the Secaucus coalition. “Nicotine can hook children when they are young and hook them for life. I highly recommend that parents talk to their children about the dangers of vaping. A new study from the Yale School of Public Health could confirm them. The researchers found that states with higher e-cigarette consumption and legal marijuana sales actually had fewer cases of vaping disease, EVALI, than their stricter counterparts. The bright and complex aromas preferred by adult vapers are under siege. A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino among 69,000 adult vapers found that a majority of adult vapers prefer flavored vape juice. The sale of flavored vaping products is banned in New Jersey under the law signed Tuesday by Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy.

Vape shop owners and former cigarette smokers condemned the ban from the beginning and fought unsuccessfully for months to block it. Many say that flavored vapes, which still contain nicotine, helped them abandon daily habits that had seriously threatened their health. Traders said a ban would lead people to unregulated products that could prove more harmful. As of Jan 13, 2020, File Photo, Matthew Elliot, center, and other supporters of flavored vaping products demonstrate outside the State House in Trenton, New Jersey (Seth Wenig/AP Photo) Matthew Elliott, a consumer vaping advocate who participated in the Statehouse protests, predicted that the new law would expand the black market and that people could try to make the flavored liquids at home. Now, he suspects, his former customers have turned online to order products, or might even buy vapes on the black market, hurting small businesses and the government. “As governor, my primary responsibility is to protect the health and safety of our people. Research shows that flavored electronic smoking devices and products such as mint, candy, fruit, and chocolate are extremely appealing, especially for children. I commend my partners in the Legislature for responding quickly to the task force`s recommendations to pass laws that protect youth and adults from the dangers of using flavored electronic smoking devices,” Murphy said in a prepared statement.1 Massachusetts is the only other state to ban flavors nationwide. and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Children. Although eight states have issued emergency regulations to stop the sale of flavored vaping products. The rules face legal challenges and are only in effect in three states, according to the campaign: Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Washington.

Secaucus cracks down on the sale of illegal flavored nicotine vapes. Authorities had already taken steps to restrict vaping in New Jersey and passed a law banning the sale of flavored vaping products. Some lawmakers said they hoped the rule would keep vapes out of the hands of children (those under 21 were already not eligible to buy the products). First of all, when you read this blog, you`re probably wondering, “What vape products are available in New Jersey?”