Founded in 1975, API Legal Outreach`s mission is to provide culturally competent and linguistically appropriate legal representation, social and advocacy services to the most marginalized segments of the community, including low-income women, seniors, new immigrants and youth. Due to the growing importance of APIs for the development of legal technology, the Legal APIs project attempts to answer the following questions: OpenLaw is a universal legal protocol for blockchains. The OpenLaw APITrack returns this API blockchain data for legal applications. The REST API can query, store, and modify data in an OpenLaw instance. Methods are available for templates, drafts, contacts, users, community activities, and more. The Legal APIs project also aims to develop functional API tools and platforms that benefit the legaltech community. Gravity Legal supports lawyer-specific business processes, such as delineating payments between operating and escrow accounts, transferring funds from trust accounts to operating accounts, matching trusts by domain, and more. The Gravity LegalTrack API this API is a RESTful service that allows lawyers or firms to charge clients for services rendered or funds intended for an escrow account or IOLTA. Add legal e-signature capabilities to apps using the Rocket Sign API. Screenshot: Rocket Sign UniCourt provides access to court records and legal analysis. The UniCourt Legal DataTrack API allows users to search for millions of court cases in U.S. federal and federal courts, access structured legal data on cases, update cases in real time from the court, order court documents, and more. Methods are available to access case details, including lawyers, case books, file download, case update, case tracking, etc.

Clio is a law firm management system for small and medium-sized law firms. The ClioTrack API This API allows users to access system features and data stored in the company`s Clio instance. API methods include functions for managing activities, invoices, contacts, questions, tasks, and users. Developers can submit eligible applications on the Clio Marketplace, where more than 150,000 users of Clio Legal Practice Management software can access the apps. iManage aims to help legal, accounting and financial services companies serve their clients more effectively by optimizing the creation, approval, governance and security of their work product. Open access is a publication model for scientific and legal communication that makes information on research available to readers free of charge. With the Open Access button, users can immediately find and request research articles. With the Open Access APITrack button, users can access documents, manage subscriptions, find interlibrary loans, metadata, deposited documents and more. Fireman & Company is a legal management consulting firm with deep expertise in business and law practice and extensive experience in implementing changes in the way lawyers and their clients work. We work with over 60% of the Am Law 100 in knowledge management, data management, experience management, enterprise search, intranet, document management and business management worldwide. Rocket Lawyer offers affordable online legal services, free legal documents and legal advice.

The Rocket SignTrack API this API provides electronic signature integration in mobile and web applications. The API allows users to send and sign back-end and supporting documents in a single request. Methods are available for email invitations to the service, creating folders, uploading documents, and more. We strive to be the cost-effective solution for your legal affairs. Legal issues are staffed to maximize results while minimizing costs. We are looking for long-term customers who trust our recommendations and billing practices. By earning your trust, we hope to be your favorite company in the years to come. Be more efficient and generate new business with Thomson Reuters Legal Data APIs Developers who want to build legal apps or enhance apps with legal tools and data APIs need legal APIs. You can now extract selected content from Thomson Reuters legal platforms to integrate with your systems, workflows and processes.

By combining market-leading data from Westlaw Edge and practical Law with data from your law firm, your business can make more informed decisions, increase efficiency, and identify new business opportunities. Actionstep offers legal practice management software. The ActionstepTrack API this API allows developers to integrate workflow functions for legal practice to define the steps, tasks, and schedule of a process to increase automation.