Each article is a comprehensive research mission that summarizes all relevant case law at a particular point of law. The articles analyze the differences between cases to give an objective analysis of both sides of a problem. In addition, the authors add pre-warranty statements, outlines, practical instructions and precautions. For the Canadian lawyer researching a specific U.S. law, the American Law Report is a good place to start. When an annotation is found that solves your specific problem, most of your searches in the United States are complete. For new series, any annotation can be updated for later cases by checking the pocket coins on the back of this volume of legal report. Cases emanating from state courts are commented on in ALR, which exists in a number of different series. Federal cases were included in ALR until 1969 and can now be found in ALR Federal. U.S. Supreme Court cases are discussed in the Lawyers (L.Ed.) edition of Supreme Court Reports.

Westlaw has all six series, both the Federal Series, the ALR Digest and the ALR Index: typical ratings are: “What makes passenger cars in insurance policy regulations that define the risks covered or expected”; or “Product Liability: Ladders”. In each note, the whole of the American case law is analyzed specifically in the point. ARAs can be searched on the individual accounts of WestlawNext Canada law students: The American Law Reports (A.L.R.) contain detailed “notes” on each case in addition to reporting on selective state and federal cases. Each note is similar to a memorandum of law and provides a comprehensive overview of the main cases relevant to the specific factual situation raised in the case. American Law Reports articles link to other content related to your area of law, such as: With thousands of articles written by lawyers covering the full breadth of U.S. law, American Law Reports saves you time by guiding you to a topic faster. Westlaw makes it easy for you to find exactly the ALR item you need, and then connects you to any other local resource. To find out if there is a specific annotation on the point, use the annotation print index (for ALR 2d, ALR 3d, ALR 4th, ALR 5th, ALR Federal and L.Ed 2d). It is important to check the pocket parts, both in the index and in the legal report, which includes the note you rely on. The parts of the bag refer to a newer material.