Why Do We Use Apostrophes for Contractions

Apostrophes can be difficult. Sometimes they form possessives. Sometimes they form contractions. Can they ever do something plural? Second, apostrophes are sometimes used to represent words in non-standard forms of English: for example, Scottish poet Robert Burns writes gi` to give and a` for all. It is unlikely that you will need this device […]

Who Writes Legal Documents

The legal profession has its own unique citation system. While it serves to provide the experienced reader with enough information to evaluate and retrieve the cited authorities, it may seem intimidating to the layman at first. The rules of the Court generally determine the format of summons required for all pleadings or pleadings filed […]

Who Is Natural or Legal Person

In case law, the word “personality” has several meanings. In fact, the legal entity confers certain legal rights and obligations on the subject in a particular jurisdiction, such as entering into contracts, indebtedness of property, taking on debt, etc. Legal personality is a prerequisite for legal capacity, the ability of any legal person to […]

Who Can Own a Law Firm in Texas

In August 2020, Utah created a limited-time pilot program that allows businesses, including those owned by non-lawyers, to apply to the state`s newly created Office of Legal Services Innovation for authorization to provide legal services. The program was originally designed to last two years, but was recently expanded to seven years. Applicants must explain […]

Which Is a Legal Number Literal of Type Int in Java

If you enclose a combination of character literals in double quotation marks, a string literal of the string data type is created in Java. String literals don`t have to be just text. To create a string, you can combine different types of characters, including letters, numbers, special characters, and even spaces. Programming should be […]

Where to Find Us Supreme Court Cases

Selection of common annexes containing relevant entries on waybills; relevant pleadings, jury directions, findings, submissions or opinions; the judgment, order or decision under appeal; and any other part of the minutes which the parties wish to bring to the attention of the Court. Your local law library would be the best starting point for […]

Where Do You Find Case Law

Federal records are stored electronically and are accessible through the Public Access to Electronic Court Records (PACER) service on the Internet. PACER allows anyone with an account to search and locate appellate, county, and bankruptcy court information and routing slips. Create a PACER account. Each state has its own judicial system, which includes courts […]

When Will Online Sports Betting Be Legal in Michigan

DraftKings arrives in Michigan as one of the nation`s leading sports betting and daily fantasy operators. It goes without saying that DraftKings can afford to throw away a lot of money to Michigan bettors in the form of promotions, bonuses, and additional features like the Dynasty Rewards loyalty program. Hollywood bookmaker Greektown was among […]