Cartridge Definition File Download

Currently, five services need to be configured, which you can find under Administration > Operation > Services that all use the same service profile – service-zenkraft: Copy the JAR file into OMC_home/dbscripts only for these modules: Go to the official cassette and download/clone the main branch (you need to access the SalesforceCommerceCloud Github group […]

Car Towed Legal Advice

“Once a towing company has a vehicle, it seizes the vehicle and refuses to release it until a fee *desired* [sic] is paid. If the fee is not paid, the vehicle will not be released and a storage fee will apply until it exceeds the value of the vehicle. At some point, the towing […]

Candle Labelling Requirements Australia

For example, if a candle is defective and causes harm to a customer, is the seller or manufacturer who made the candles liable? The FSC also includes specific labelling and information requirements that apply only to certain foods and that may be subject to nutrition and health claims for certain foods. “We believe that […]

Can You Sue a Towing Company for Missing Items

To begin with, you need to know the name and address of the towing company. This information should be on the papers you received when your car was towed. If not, you can try contacting the police department or sheriff`s office that dispatched the tow truck. The first thing to do in case of […]

Can You Legally Record Someone in Your Own Home

At the federal or state level, it`s almost always illegal to record a phone call or private conversation that you couldn`t attend or to naturally listen to the conversation in a public place. In addition, federal and state laws generally consider it illegal to secretly place a recording device on a person or phone […]

Can You Be a Company Director and Company Secretary

Please contact an accountant or business consultant if you are considering starting a business in the UK as a non-resident. A secretary of the company must be appointed within six months immediately following the date of incorporation of the company. Examples of professionally qualified secretaries are lawyers, accountants and secretaries. It should be noted […]

Can Legal Action Be Taken for Medical Bills

What happens if I can`t pay my medical bills? Can I be arrested for not paying them? Can I serve a prison sentence? I`m here to answer your questions and help you calm down. This letter examines the medical collection practices used by these hospitals. The lawsuits were filed despite the fact that these […]

Can I Legally Breed My Dog

Good puppies start long before breeding even takes place. Both parents need long-term care – what dogs call conditioning – to produce the best offspring. This means regular veterinary care, screening for genetic problems, pre-breeding tests, as well as regular exercise and proper nutrition. should not be overweight and have good muscle tone before […]

Can Business Owners Keep Tips

Given the new final rule, employers of employees with tips should carefully evaluate their procedures to ensure that they do not keep any portion of their employees` tips. Employers should also inform their managers and supervisors of the circumstances in which they are allowed to retain tips they receive from clients. Otherwise, high penalties […]