Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications Definition Business

The Commission considers that the exception provided for in Article 703(e)(1) for a bona fide professional qualification based on religion, as well as the exception relating to national origin and sex, is extremely narrow. In contrast, Articles 702 and 703(e)(2) of Title VII provide for broader exceptions for religious bodies, associations, educational institutions and […]

Blue Swimmer Crab Legal Size Sa

When hunting blue swimming crabs, avoid damaging seagrass beds – they are a very important part of the local ecosystem. The breeding herd in this region is protected by the establishment of legal restrictions of minimum size (12.7 to 13.0 cm tank width) well above the size at maturity (8.6 to 9.8 cm tank […]

Black Rhino Legal

Some African rhino range states, such as Kenya and Botswana, are completely opposed to trophy hunting; others, including Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, allow the hunting of other species, but not rhinos. Black rhino populations declined significantly in the 20th century due to European hunters and settlers. Between 1960 and 1995, the number of black […]

Biosimilar Definition in Biology

Because biosimilars have many specific and unique considerations related to regulatory approval, specific guidelines have been developed by the EMA, FDA, and World Health Organization (WHO) [1, 2, 6]. There are slight differences between the guidelines, but all suggest taking a step-by-step approach to proving biosimilarity with the author [1, 2, 6]. A biosimilar […]

Big Law Firm Background Check

Whether you`re hiring a lawyer, paralegal, or senior management assistant, criminal background checks are essential in the hiring process. Our screening services ensure that you get a complete criminal history. Editor`s Note: This is Part II of a three-part series on the timeline of a lateral associate move and the final episode in a […]

Best Street Legal off Road Tire

We`ve listed the 5 best off-road tires for the road based on sales volume and checked customer reviews on Give your truck or SUV a little more grip with a fleshy set of off-road tires. With an 80/20 road/off-road profile, the Shinko 705 is the perfect tire for those who will spend most […]

Best Legal Firms in Australia

Herbert Smith Freehills Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF) is one of the largest international law firms with multiple headquarters in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. The firm was created when the British law firm Herbert Smith and the Australian law firm Freehills merged on 1 October 2012. The full list […]

Best Forms of Advertisement for a Small Business

These topics will help you become an expert in the types of advertising for small businesses: the same goes for registering your Google business page. You can register your business with Google (for free) and add images. (If you`ve ever searched for your business on Google Maps and were disappointed not to see it, […]

Bereavement Leave Required by Law

“If they don`t already have a bereavement leave policy, employers and human resources professionals should first determine whether they meet the requirements to be subject to the conditions [of the bill],” Kierig advised. “They should also assess how a bereavement leave policy would affect their business and how such a policy should be implemented. […]